Project Barbie 01 - Who is in & who is out?

>> Thursday, November 29, 2007

The polls have closed in the voting for the winner of the Week One Project Barbie challenge! We had 23 votes overall. Thanks to everyone who checked out our designs and took time to vote!

Each week, one designer will be "in," as Heidi Klum always says, and one designer will be "out." Which our daughter Jo always follows up with, "One of you will be in, and one of you will be the LOOOOOSER." So, who was "in" this week, and who was the "LOSER?"

By a single vote, Alan is the Week One Project Barbie winner! (See the archived poll, now relocated to the right-hand sidebar.) It was neck and neck all the way, but it was probably his final, shameless lobbying with the librarians at his school visit today that put Alan over the top before the polls closed. (Hey--I've been watching designers work the judges for three seasons now. I should know how to push through on mediocre skills by now!)

In all seriousness, we both had a blast doing the Week One challenge, and we're already looking forward to the Week Three challenge--menswear! I even made a late-night run to Target tonight to acquire a Ken doll. (Well, his name is Steven, actually. The Ken doll looked completely vapid and had bad hair so I picked his buddy instead.)

If you haven't had a chance, check out our combined efforts on the Week Two Sarah Jessica Parker/Bitten challenge. Since Week Two on the real Project Runway was a team challenge, and since we had Thanksgiving with family and then festivals all weekend, and I left for Birmingham Sunday morning, it made sense for us to team up on this one. I left Wendi a horribly challenging quilted vest to create, and she pulled it off--spectacularly!

So this week, since we only have one design, let's change the polling up a little bit. This week's vote--how does our design for SJP's Bitten line stack up to the actual winning design on the show?

Okay, admittedly, we couldn't translate the budget constraints of the show. What were going to do, spend fifteen cents on the outfit? But in keeping with the spirit of the competition we tried very hard to keep things simple, and we made sure it was a two piece outfit and that it matched the colors and feel of the Bitten line.

All that said, which one do you think was better? I'll pin the poll to the top of the blog for the next week, and we'll see who wins!

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