Project Barbie 01 - Designer Wendi Gratz

>> Sunday, November 18, 2007

Alan already posted about how we interpreted the challenge this week - and showed off his very classy dress - so I'm going to jump right in to my outfit (so to speak).
Meet Summer. That's what it said on the box. I was inspired by her sporty magenta sunglasses to do something with magenta. An unexpected benefit was that Alan and I got to share the sewing machine without rethreading it over and over again. Summer is wearing a flirty short circle skirt with a nifty green halter top. The skirt was originally longer, but it looked a little Grease so I cut it above the knee for a more contemporary look. I'm especially proud of the halter. The top is threaded through a bit of memory wire (ring-sized) strung with magenta beads. You can just see it in the photo above.
And here's a photo from head to toe. I wish I had taken one photo without the sunglasses - this is perhaps a bit too matchy-matchy - but it's late and I'm going to bed. Jo is going to be VERY excited to see these tomorrow. She was really surprised to see Alan go to work in my sewing room. She's quite a sewing expert (see her quilt-in-progress here) and she kept offering to help him.


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