Minty Fresh Stocking Kits Are Here

>> Monday, December 1, 2008

I've wanted to add some kits to my shop for a long time and I've finally done it. Introducing Minty Fresh Felt Stocking Kits.

Each kit contains everything you need to make one stocking. You'll get. . .

* Ecospun felt made from 100% recycled soda bottles and marked with the pattern and embroidery lines - you don't have to do any transferring or own any marking tools
* one skein of embroidery thread to match the felt
* one skein of white embroidery thread for the circles
* one embroidery needle - yes - I even provide the needle
* complete instructions

All you need to add are scissors and time - and this is the perfect time of year for some hand stitching in front of the fire - at least in the northern hemisphere. :-)

How much time? One stocking takes me 2-3 hours to embroider and 1 hour to whipstitch the edges together.

These are super easy - perfect for beginners who have never sewn or embroidered a stitch in their lives. The design only uses split stitch and whipstitch.

Kits are available now in my shop. You can choose peppermint (pink), spearmint (blue), or wintergreen (um. . . green).

Keep checking back! I'm launching my new and improved website on January 1 and to lead up to the big day I'll be posting at least one free pattern or tutorial every week for the rest of the year. Coming up later this week are a very easy felt ornament pattern and some fun things to do with vintage books. Have fun!


HID Kits December 4, 2008 at 2:51 PM  

Thanks for sharing these wonderful kits.

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