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>> Sunday, April 20, 2008

In my last post I mentioned developing a recipe for the back of my new hang tags. Hang tags? Yes, hang tags for my new business.

P Is for Polkadot is all for kids. It's about comfort (nothing itchy - ever!), easy wear (kids can put everything on all by themselves - no back zippers or ties), and easy care (all machine wash and dry). As I develop the designs for my book I'll be adding apparel, but for now it's mostly aprons and bibs. The aprons are the only things in the shop now. I should have bibs ready to list in May.

I've changed the link to my Etsy shop in the sidebar to my new Etsy shop - P Is for Polkadot. I've been filling it up with aprons as I finish new ones and I think I'll have them all listed by next Monday.

So what's so special about my aprons? The full aprons are designed with an adjustable fit - the neck band and ties are one long ribbon so as you pull on the ties the neck band gets shorter. Adjustable fit with annoying ties or buckles! And the ribbon is a nice soft grosgrain so it feels good on the back of your neck. The ribbon wraps around the back and attaches with velcro at each hip so kids can put it on and take it off without needing to ask for help.

The half aprons tie in the back, but also attach at one hip with velcro. The first time you put the apron on a grown-up can tie it in the back to fit, and then the child can open and close it on their own with the velcro.

One more important thing - all my aprons have pockets.

And the hang tags? They are the size of recipe cards. Full cloth aprons get the granola recipe, full oilcloth aprons get the play dough recipe, and frilly half aprons get the strawberry lemonade. Fun!


Kristy April 23, 2008 at 10:08 AM  

so clever! both the velcro and the recipes on the hang tags. and i love that it's not just velcro, you still get a "real" tie in the back... sort of like buckles over velcro on toddler mary janes.

i'm wondering if you apply this same concept in your kids clothes (since you said they can put them on themselves) -- some sort of hidden fasteners? or maybe just knits and elastic? time will tell...

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