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>> Sunday, March 2, 2008

The horrible bug that has zapped everyone in the family off and on for a few weeks now looks like it might have been beaten into submission. Maybe. I'll believe it when I can work for a full day without collapsing as soon as Jo goes to bed.

The recent plague means there's been no evening sewing happening - but I did get some weekend sewing done. And I decided to make something totally new! I made a few bibs recently for a Lark Books project and now I've been thinking of all kinds of bib ideas. Here's the one I decided to play with.

It's reversible - the yellow side says "happy" and the green side says "hungry." I stamped the letters and I LOVE how they look - when they turned out right. I used these very cool clear stamps for the first time. You buy the stamps and a clear acrylic block separately, then build a word on the block, which has a handy-dandy guideline. The letters just cling to it! I used a sponge pouncer to apply fabric paint and then stamped it on. The only problem was that I didn't have enough letters in the set for most repeats. When I filled in with a solo letter (like the second p in happy) it looked different because I ended up applying a different amount of pressure - it wasn't distributed between all the letters in the word and that made the letter skinnier.

The same thing happened with the second r in merry - but moody turned out perfectly. I think this merry/moody one is my favorite.

And here's the last one - giggly and grumpy. Way too many g's in giggly! Even if I buy another set of stamps I won't be able to do this word in one print so I may come up with a different word to replace giggly. Alan suggested giddy but I'm not totally sure yet.

And see the snaps? I used snaps instead of velcro and I think it looks much better. Classier somehow. And I bought a snap setter. I know I said here that I use a spool instead, but my spool was getting pretty mangled so I broke down and bought the fancy metal thing. What a difference! It's cheap but it will last forever and I definitely recommend it now that I've tried it.

I also made a couple of hats, but Jo wasn't feeling very model-ish today so I'll post them another day. Not this week though - I'm heading out tomorrow for a work week on the road, so no evening sewing again this week. Sigh.

The bibs will be up in my new shop, as soon as I finish setting it up. It's still under construction but you're welcome to take a peek.


Shena March 2, 2008 at 11:21 PM  

how about "smiley" and "grumpy"?

and of course, the dwarfs "happy" and "grumpy"

cute bibs!! (=

Shena (=

Shena March 2, 2008 at 11:24 PM  

oh, now I realize you are trying to stay with the same first letter... oops! I think you could break away from that if you need to and they'd still be adorable.

Kitt March 3, 2008 at 1:55 AM  

How cute!

How about "Sweet" and "Saucy"?

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