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>> Monday, March 24, 2008

I've been trying to sew an outfit a day so I can finish Kit's wardrobe by the donation deadline this Friday - right before I leave for sales conference. Here are the latest pieces.

A cute shirt with a matching pair of shorts. The pattern has this being pulled over the doll's head, but I made it snap all the way up the back for easy on and off. The shorts are a simple elastic waist.
This is the most ridiculously time-consuming detail ever. I mean - seriously! A complicated ribbon detail over the shoulder that is - to top it all off - completely hidden by the doll's hair. I've never been much good at following patterns and this is one reason why. They're just silly!

I love, love, love these jammies! I want them for myself. I bought enough extra of this polkadot fabric to make some jammies for Jo but not enough for myself. :-(

Another ridiculous detail - actual buttons and buttonholes. I don't really mind doing buttonholes (now that I've figured out which of the six methods in my machine instruction manual actually works) but these tiny buttons were awfully hard to button up. For cuteness the real buttons win, but for play value some snaps would be better. Maybe I could find some of those pearly ones they use on Western-style shirts?

And here are the jammies with the matching robe.
And here she is with a circle skirt. I made a couple of these (here and here) for Project Barbie and they're pretty easy - except for the hemming. Curved hems! Aaack! This was a bigger skirt (thus more hemming) so I decided to make it reversible. Ta daa! No hemming at all!
I'm not peeking under her skirt here - I'm showing you the cool turquoise inside.

I made a super cute A-line dress today, but no pictures because this is what it looked like outside. Brrr. . .


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