Happy Zombie Day!

>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a fantastic day! Jo got good loot this morning from the Easter Lepus, and then we quickly got ready to go to Penland School of Crafts, where they hold an unadvertised, absolutely free, community brunch and egg hunt--for kids and adults!

All the eggs are donated by local artists, and each participant may take one and only one egg from the egg hunt. If you find one, then find another you like better, you can re-hide your first egg and take the second. Cool, huh? And did I mention this is completely free!? All they ask is that you contribute an egg or two, and bring something for desserty for a potluck.

Before the eggs are hidden, they're put on display for everyone to see. Check these out:

I coveted two in particular:

But first the kiddies got a chance to hunt for painted wooden eggs and plastic eggs filled with candy. Everybody behind the line . . .

Get ready . . . get set . . .


Jo had scoped out a couple of hidden eggs along the back wall and went to get them before joining the mad rush to the field. I stood on the sidelines and cheered her on. Kill, Jo, kill! She got great eggs, including one beautifully painted wooden egg, and one plastic one with not candy but a glass bead necklace inside!

A few minutes later they released the adult hounds, and Jo came with us as we hunted the grounds for those precious fancy eggs. We did very well! While everyone sprinted for the paths into the woods, we strolled along the path at the start and found all kinds of goodies hidden in the crevices along the stone wall. Here are the three we ended up keeping:

Jo's of course is the pink ceramic egg shape with the butterflies stamped in it. Wendi kept the felted purple egg with the flower on it, while Alan scored with a fancy blue and white painted ceramic egg. We just wish the artists had signed their work!

An incredible day at Penland, which is just ten minutes from our house. (On the other side of our mountain, really.) Even better, we knew tons of people at the egg hunt, which made us feel that just a year into living here, we're already a part of this wonderful community. It reminded us again--as if we really needed the reminder--that we love where we live.


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