Doll Clothes Envy

>> Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is it wrong to covet a doll's wardrobe? Here are the latest pieces for the wardrobe to be auctioned off. It's not the dress that I want (A-line shift dresses really only look good on children and stick figures) - it's the fabric.

I bought this years ago - I don't remember what for - and like an idiot I only bought 1/2 a yard. I've used a couple of pieces in quilts, but every time I look at it I think it would have made a great little skirt. It's got all the colors I wear and I love the pattern. Oh well - now it's a little doll dress.

Or shirt. It also looks cute as a tunic with the green velvet pants that I made to go with this strawberry shirt.

I just shortened the dress a bit to make it into a shirt. I also thought the neckline on the dress scooped a little too low. I redrafted the pattern to make it a bit higher, then realized instead I could make the shoulder straps overlap and snap together. It raises the neckline AND gives a cleaner finish to the top.

Only a couple more items to go and then I turn it all in tomorrow. Whew!


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