>> Friday, March 28, 2008

They're done! Yay! Kit is fully dressed! She even has outerwear - check out this fancy fleece coat. It's toasty warm for those cold winter days - and even has matching boots.

And look at that yummy fringe all the way around. Another piece I covet for myself. . .

Here's a more utilitarian poncho - nothing fancy but Jo loves this patterned fleece. She used to have a cat costume made out of it.

And here's one of my favorites. I don't covet this one for myself but I love it because it looks like Kit's ready for Friday school. Every Friday here is Spruce Pine Montessori T-shirt Day and Kit has her very own SPMS shirt. Thanks to Alan who did all the computer work to redo the logo in a doll-size. The transfer came out a little dark, but that's because I put it on a dark color. It would have looked clearer on white but none of the kids ever wear white T-shirts - they're all bright fun colors. The pink shirt made Kit look more like one of the kids at the school so that's what I went with.
They get delivered today for the fundraising auction in May and I can move on to making more aprons. But no evening sewing at all next week because I'll be at sales conference in sunny Bermuda. That sounds better than it actually is - I'll be spending all day every day in indoor conference rooms. But I should be able to go for a nice walk mornings and evenings. . .


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