Gratz Industries HQ: Rain Delay

>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two walls went up today before heavy rains shut things down.

First the guys made a homemade scaffold so they could raise the second half of the long wall that crosses the expanse of the two-story library/dining room.

Then they walked the big wall into place with much crying and squeaking. From the wall, that is:

And here it is from across the pit, from where Wendi's studio will be.

One open wall to go. They had already prepared to move their scaffold when the rains came.

Before that though, they also raised this short half-wall on the front of the house.

Et voila! One half-wall to go, and the second story exterior walls will be finished! Holy smokes. There are still interior walls on this floor to be built, so that will presumably have to be done before the third story work begins . . .


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