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>> Monday, August 27, 2007

Much happy progress to report! See, even the scraps are smiling.

THREE second story walls went up today!

It started on Friday, when the guys built two walls but didn't raise them. Here Jo shows off one of the walls that will become her bedroom.

Monday morning, that wall went up. Jo and I spent the day in Boone where, among other errands, I checked out a bunch of books to research one of the stories I'm rewriting in The Brooklyn Nine. When we got back, the house looked, well, taller.

That wall went up along with a newly built one which will be half Jo's bedroom and half Jo's playroom. (THis will make sense later when some interior walls are built.) The larger window in the corner was going to be identical to the one on its left, but code forced us to make it big enough for a giant to escape in case there's a fire. One of the third floor windows will have to be changed too.

Jo looks lout the windows in Wendi's studio. Wait, how did Jo get up the ladder!? I hope somebody is watching her.

A closer look out the windows. The plastic wrap hasn't been removed from one of the windows, and those diagonal boards are of course only there to keep things up for right now.

It was a hazy day, but you could still see the mountains in the distance. We're still looking forward to the view from the third story, but this is nice.

It's kind of crazy to see this thing from a bit of a distance. Wendi asked today if it was going to be a bit ostentatious to have a three story home. Seriously, who has a three story home? Still, not counting the porches, we're just talking about a little more than 2,000 square feet. It just goes up, not out.

A peek inside that will soon be closed up . . .

. . . and a rare view of the BACK corner, the one pointed back toward the woods.

Tomorrow . . . the last of the second story walls? We shall see.


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