Gratz Industries HQ: Jo's Room Gets a Roof

>> Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some heavy hitting has been going on the past two days.

First, the last of the second floor walls went up, even though the sheathing wasn't yet finished.

Much work was also finished on Jo's bedroom. She got the two interior walls and the beginnings of her bathroom walls.

Then came the scaffolding.

Why the scaffolding? To get to the third floor joists!

How cool is this? We're very close to being able to crawl up on the third floor.

The guys also finished the joists over Jo's room. She has the beginnings of a roof!

There won't be any updates tomorrow, or Monday for that matter. We're headed for Dragon*Con! We'll have lots of pictures of stormtroopers and Justice Leaguers, but pics of the progress on the house will have to wait. I don't know how much the guys will get done tomorrow anyway - half of them are going to be driving eleven hours north to Ann Arbor, Michigan Friday for Saturday's I-AA Appalachian State Mountaineers opener against the I-A Michigan Wolverines.

The ASU Mountaineers are the high country kings of football, with a following as rabid as Michigan's or Tennessee's just without the numbers to back it up. They're the two-time defending NCAA I-AA champs, and are working on a fourteen game win streak (dating back to their opening game loss last season against another I-A team - NC State.) I hate to say it, but I think the streak is about to end. Still, it'll be a heck of an ASU tailgate party up at the Big House, and I can't blame any of them for making the trip.

See you next week!


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