Vashti Project, Day 7

>> Monday, July 9, 2007

One more dot for the Vashti Project before Jo hits the road again. I have sales conference for work tomorrow, so a million things to do, but this time I wanted to spend a little extra quality time on the project. Time to bring out the needles and embroidery thread!
Jo loved handsewing. When she started at the Montessori school in Atlanta, one of her first favorite "lessons" was sewing. She didn't actually sew pieces of fabric together. Instead, the teacher drew a simple shape on a square of fabric and Jo would trace it with a running stitch. It was amazing watching her stitches get smaller and more even. We haven't been doing much sewing lately (except on the machine) so I wondered if she would be out of practice, but she pretty much jumped right back into it. And using the running stitch for applique was completely new for her. I safety-pinned the pieces together from the back so her thread would be less likely to get hung up on the pin - in case you were wondering.
So here are the results of a bit of time spent on the couch sewing, chatting, and watching Everyday Italian. Jo thought these cheese crackers looked really tasty. That kid will eat anything with cheese on it or in it!


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