Jammie Day with Jo

>> Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jo and I were flying solo this weekend while Alan visited a bunch of schools, libraries, and conferences. We could have unpacked some more boxes, but instead we decided to sew, paint, cook, and listen to the birds.
My main task with Jo's pants used to be adding length to the legs. She's a skinny-minnie and it's been really hard to find pants that fit in the waist AND are the right length. Lately, though, she's been wearing through the knees in no time at all. Luckily, spring is here and I can turn them all into shorts. Jo doesn't like loose threads, so plain cutoffs are out. But why do a simple hem when I can add a cool little border instead? I thought about doing ruffles but after the six-tiered rainbow skirt I'm a little ruffled out, so it's just a straight border. I couldn't get a modeled shot because we were having a jammie day today and Jo was quick to point out that it wouldn't be a real jammie day if she took off her jammies. Can't argue with that logic!
Jo did her share of sewing too. She had to put her quilt on hold for a long time while we had the house on the market, but she wanted to get back to it today. Look how big it's getting! Her first sewing project and she picked a twin-sized quilt. We have a long way to go, but she was pretty proud to show off her progress today.

I made some progress on my ten quilts too. All the strips are sewn and most of the blocks are cut. I can't wait to start assembling the quilts.
And for cooking. . .I made the best egg salad sandwich ever. I really, really, really hate mayonnaise and this recipe from 101 Cookbooks uses just one tablespoon for 6 eggs - just enough to bind it together. Yum!
And the birds? We saw two hawks battling in the air and we heard the pileated woodpecker that lives around here but we didn't see him today. It's the first birdcall Jo's learned to recognized and she gets pretty excited every time she hears it.
What a nice weekend!


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