Home Alone II

>> Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Now it's my turn to be home alone, so no dots today. Instead I'm posting a picture of the Dot Gallery so far.Don't they look fun all hanging together? I'm going to start cross-posting to a very cool new blog created by artist Holli Conger. It's called Big and Little Art and it features art created together by kids and grown-ups. Thanks to Elizabeth Dulemba for telling me about it!
And here are the results of what I was so busy with last weekend.
These are items inspired by the book The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree. Gloria Houston, the author, gave the rights to her book to Mitchell County Development Foundation and named Spruce Pine, NC "the Home of the Perfect Christmas Tree." Now there's a website, catalog, and retail store selling craft items made my local artists, with the proceeds funding scholarships for local high-schoolers. Cool, no? So the jury deadline for items for this year's catalog was on Monday and this is what I turned in. I wanted to make something inspired by the fabulous Barbara Cooney illustrations, but that still looked like my work. Thanks, Mom, for helping me come up with this idea. One is a wall-hanging, one is a pillow, and one is a quilt stretched on a wooden frame. The pillow is my favorite. I love that picture of the cabin and I think it looks great "framed" by my brown quilt. Speaking of brown quilts, I finished my quilt for Grovewood Gallery. I just need to de-lint it, take some pictures, and turn it in. Yay!


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