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>> Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's been a great week. I took a couple of days off work to do some serious sewing while Jo was visiting her grandparents - and I finished a new quilt top! This is one that was requested by Grovewood Gallery - I love saying that. I still need to layer, baste, quilt, bind, etc. but I love finishing a top.
This one was a bit of a departure for me, color-wise. I usually go for brighter, high-contrast colors like this, but the good folks at Grovewood asked me to be inspired by the mountains around me now. So I was. There's a beautiful spot by our post office (I love our post office - they still use scales with metal weights and the postmistress has worked there since she was nineteen and she knows EVERYONE in town). Anyway, the post office is right on the bank of a river and when all the trees were starting to leaf out it was just beautiful. It was still mostly brown with the trunks and the leaf litter, but there were some patches of dark green pine and mountain laurel, occasional clouds of pale green buds on the deciduous trees, and one lone dogwood in full snowy bloom. It was a challenge to work with such muted colors (and I ended up tossing out some yellow-green blocks that just didn't fit in) but I ended up really happy with the result.
Please excuse the deck detritus surrounding the quilt. I was losing light fast and I wanted to get a picture tonight so I just scooted everything to the sides. It's still pretty dark. I'll get a better picture when I lay it out again to baste.
Now I'm off to finish a bit of hand sewing to finish a couple of projects for Lark Books. Crisp black and white with bright lime green!

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