I Am the Buttonhole Master!

>> Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A little creative addition to the facing and I fixed the horrible "these pieces absolutely will not fit together" disaster that was the back of this jersey. Whew! Then on to the dreaded buttonholes. Dreaded no longer! Never again will I pass up a pattern because it requires buttons. I am the master! Or mistress, I guess, though that doesn't have nearly the same ring. How did I do it? By bypassing the buttonhole stitch on my machine and faking it with various-widthed and carefully-placed satin stitching. I should have taken a close up - they are beautiful, I tell ya! Instead all I have are these full shots of the finished jersey.

You know what I love most about it? It doesn't look remotely handmade. I was so happy that I attempted to make a hat. Yep. An old-fashioned-looking baseball cap with a very short brim. There was a cap pattern in my new copy of Saturday Night Hat, but the crown looked too tall and the brim was too deep so I adjusted it to make a hat that's almost right. The very top of the crown isn't as smooth as I'd like but it's not too bad.


TN-Tanuki March 8, 2007 at 3:02 PM  

Vera, vera nice! Mr. Gratz have you ever considered modeling? First Stan the man, next Tyra Banks! Really can't wait for the superhero duds!

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