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>> Friday, February 12, 2010

So, about a week ago Alan wrote a great post about Goals, Discipline and Dr. Who. I was a little stunned when he laid out his goals for all the world (or at least a few hundred readers) to see. Not stunned by the goals - we talked about those together - but stunned that that was being so open about sharing them. But then I thought about all the makers I follow online - craftspeople and authors who are working on making a living from their creativity. I would LOVE to know what goals they're working toward, what steps they're taking to build their careers, the thought process behind the decisions they're making. So I'm going to share too.

Five year plan (deadline January 1, 2015 - yikes!)
  • double my income (ahem, not the task it would have been a couple of years ago when I had a big corporate job)
  • quit my day job
  • establish Shiny Happy World as a cohesive brand (in other words - stay focused)
  • design a line of fabric
  • be a more active member of the online craft community (I tend to be a lurker)
  • be a healthy weight
  • attend ALA and IRA as a vendor
One year plan (deadline January 1, 2011)
  • sell another book
  • release doll pattern (Lucy, Abigail and Becky)
  • release pattern for Shiny Happy Softies (bunny, bear and chick)
  • design Bookish Girls
  • design Pirates and Ninjas dolls
  • design and line of hats
  • buy and read Lizzy House's e-book about designing fabric
  • teach classes for adults and kids
  • interview a maker every month on the blog
  • feature handmade items I love at least once a week
  • build relationships with ten wholesale accounts
  • lose 30 pounds and keep it off
  • exercise five days a week
So how am I doing so far?

In January I reached exactly 2% of my sales goal. Ouch. So the rest of that goal got rolled in to the next 11 months. And I'm already at 21% of my February goal - so that's an improvement.

I have a logo for Shiny Happy World and a new focus for my work - and for the first time ever I think everything in my shop looks like it goes together. I decided to stop fighting my tendency to make cute things and instead embrace that part of my spirit. I spent 20 years working with children's books for a reason - I like cute things, colorful things, cheerful things, silly things - shiny, happy things. I smile every time I finish a bunny - and I give him a little hug before I drop him in a basket. I love giving my girls just the right name. My paper-cut logo makes me happy and helps keep me focused.

I have one wholesale account now, with three more possibilities in the works.

I've lost 9 pounds so far and I've exercised more consistently than I ever have in my life. And I still eat dessert every night - very important. :-)

I've finished designing and testing the patterns for dolls and Shiny Happy Softies - I just need to finish photography and get the patterns laid out.

I'm teaching a class for adults at Penland this spring (there's still room if anyone wants to sign up), and I'll be teaching summer camps for kids at Penland and Spruce Pine Montessori School.

I just sent out a batch of interview questions to a maker I really love and can't wait to tell people about.

I'm almost finished with my book proposal.

Whew! Stay tuned for another update at the end of this month.

Anyone else want to share?


Gretchen February 15, 2010 at 2:25 PM  

Thanks for sharing all this, Wendi! You guys are both so accomplished. It's inspirational. It's also really helpful to see how you put together your goals, so I love these posts. Alan's original post on this topic really got me thinking, and inspired a whole similar blog post of my own. (I'm too chicken to post all my goals though. You guys are very brave! :))

Wendi February 15, 2010 at 4:41 PM  

Thanks Gretchen! And thanks to everyone who emailed to share thoughts and goals privately. It's really hard to share your dearest hopes and dreams with the world - but for me putting them out there was a way of committing to them more seriously than I ever have before.

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