The best Samurai Shortstop review EVAR.

>> Monday, February 8, 2010

I found this while posting my own reviews of other books on Kimberly Pauley's excellent Young Adult (and Kids!) Book Central. Word for word, it's the most entertaining review of Samurai Shortstop ever. (And yes, it's real.) Enjoy:

Title: SO BAD!
Author: yomama

An awful book. Don't take pressious time out of your life to read this. Terrible characters, a plot that a two year old could create, and any grade 8 that went through the canadian curriculum for Japan could have as much knowledge of japan to create this book. The writing stile is week and boring. Don't waste your money or time on such a terrible novel. I think I became more more stupid from this book.

Thanks, yomama! (link)


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