Welcome to the World, Abigail Esther!

>> Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet Abigail Esther. She loves wheat toast with butter and concord grape jelly. Yum! Her favorite color is pale yellow and her favorite book is If Not For the Cat. She loves to read and write haiku.

Abigail Esther is 22 inches tall. She has pretty black eyes in her hand-embroidered face and her wool felt hair is black with rich purple highlights. Her khaki skirt is removable - and made from a skirt I used to wear. Alan called it The Sack - repeatedly - and so it ended up in my fabric stash. It looks far better on Abigail Esther than it ever looked on me - and there's tons of fabric left for more doll skirts. :-)

Her dress is purple linen, made from a favorite buttery-soft shirt that I wore to pieces. I was able to incorporate the button-front into the front of Abigail's dress for a nice detail. You may remember seeing the same fabric in a certain Shiny Happy Bunny.

Abigail's knees are jointed so she sits nicely. She has brown corduroy shoes and I love her striped tights. Does anyone know where to find real tights like that for grown-ups?


Kristopher K January 15, 2010 at 8:55 PM  

so cute - just found your wonderful work on flickr :)

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