Awesomely Inappropriate Children's Books

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

Many thanks to the always fabulous Bookshelves of Doom for pointing me toward Curious Pages - a wonderful blog full of highly inappropriate - but highly recommended - books for kids. Kudos for using art from Der Struwwelpeter in the header.
I first encountered Der Struwwelpeter when I lived in Germany for a year studying children's literature. It's a truly horrifying book that teaches valuable lessons to children. Lessons like - don't play with matches or you'll catch on fire, run screaming (and engulfed in flames) from the house, and die. Or don't suck your thumb or a creepy long-legged man with a giant pair of scissors will come into your house and cut them both off and you'll be left crying with bleeding stumps. Good stuff. But this blog doesn't just stick to old books with outdated ideas of how - and what - to teach kids. There are lots of modern titles in there too, including some of my all-time favorites. Give it a look! And prepare to stay a while. . .

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