Jo's New Toothtunes Toothbrush

>> Monday, October 12, 2009

The Fighting 501st Stormtrooper Legion (aka Vader's Fist) are a great group of Star Wars costumers who have a significant presence at DragonCon (and many other conventions) each year. This year, the 501st ran a game with kids who came up to their booth--the kids were given droid badges, and if they were caught by one of the 501st troopers on Saturday the troopers would swap the kids' badges for vouchers, which could be redeemed the next day at the 501st booth. There was no charge, and no promotion going on--just the stormtroopers entertaining young citizens of the Empire!

Jo got a badge, and a stormtrooper caught her. Despite telling him "these aren't the droids you're looking for," the stormtrooper confiscated her badge and gave her a voucher, which she traded in the next day for a Princess Leia action figure AND a Star Wars Toothtune toothbrush. Awesome!

The toothbrush was a new on on us. Jo has had toothbrushes with licensed characters on them before, but this is a bit different. When you push the toothbrush down on your teeth to brush, it plays music. Specifically, it plays the Star Wars theme song! Brush long enough, and Obi-wan tells you to use the force, and R2 lauds you in binary. It's a really cool tooth brush, and a fantastic giveaway from the 501st. (The Empire must be doing pretty well off all the tributes those puppet systems are paying them.)

I loved this little sticker included on the toothbrush too:

May the force be with you, Star Wars Toothtunes Toothbrush!


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