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>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

No sooner did we get permission to move into our new house than we had to turn right around and leave for a week. But since we were going to the beach, we didn't mind too much.

That's right - a North Carolina beach in January. It was cold, but still wonderful. Alan had several school visits scheduled at the Crystal Coast and a member of the Reading Council donated her beach house for him to stay at - so Jo and I went along with him. Fun!
The house was fabulous - and right on the beach.
There's a nice walkway over the dunes and you're there.
One day when Alan had work all day, Jo and I marked the tide every hour and talked about how the moon makes the tides.Alan repeatedly tried to convince Jo that this whole bit about the moon and the tides was nonsense, that everyone knows the Kraken causes the tides when it breathes in and out. Jo thought this was hysterical. She kept asking Alan to tell her more about the Kraken. Every story was greeted with wild peals of laughter, followed by a breathless, "Daddy you're so stupid!" Ha ha ha ha ha! Honestly, for a while I was a bit worried that he was undoing all my "teaching" - but then I heard this exchange. . .
Alan: How can the moon cause the tides? It doesn't touch the water at all! Everyone knows the moon is a big lantern in the sky.
Jo: Hahahahaha! Daaaaaaaddy! The moon's not a lantern! Everyone knows the moon doesn't make its own light! It just reflects the light of the sun! Hahahahahahaha! Tell me more stupid stuff about the Kraken!

Well - ok then.

On Monday Alan didn't have any events, so we all went to the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.It was a really great aquarium with exhibits about all kinds of NC habitats - starting in the mountains and heading to the sea. They even had tanks for a golf course pond and a roadside ditch. Very cool!

Jo got up close and personal with a box turtle named Flo at a presentation about turtles.
Isn't this terrapin the prettiest turtle ever?
It wasn't all educational. We played lots of Blokus (one of the very best family games ever!) and we went bowling for Alan's birthday. Look at that form!
And Jo demonstrated that she doesn't just kick my ass at Wii bowling. She can beat me at a regular bowling alley too - though she needs the help of gutter guards and this contraption. . .
What you're seeing here is a ramp. Yes - she just aims the thing, sets her ball on the top, gives it a gentle push, and. . . beats the pants off me.

Oh yeah - and Alan did some work too. Jo and I joined him for a presentation to a great group of kids at Broad Creek Middle School.
We spent all day yesterday moving in to the new house and the kitchen is almost all set up. I'll take some pictures today when the light is good and get them posted asap.


DaviMack February 1, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

See, now you've gone and done it: that terrapin MUST find a new home ... namely, with US. Sigh. If only. :)

Kitt February 2, 2009 at 2:54 AM  

What a fun little vacation! And congrats on moving into your new home.

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