The Great Picture Book Culling: Day 2

>> Saturday, January 3, 2009

I like Alan's title better than mine (natch) so I'm going to start using it. Here's what Jo read last night.
Big Dog. . .Little Dog by P.D. Eastman - I love the little bird in almost every spread. And - for a bonus - I got to explain to Jo what hitchhiking is!Coyote by Gerald McDermott - he's a great storyteller. His pacing is perfect, his language has a great rhythm for reading aloud, and I love, love, love his art.A Poem for Tink by ??????. I know Alan said we wouldn't say bad things about the books we decide to cull - but I just decided (all on my own - I can be high-handed like that sometimes) that this rule only applies to books with actual credited authors. A Poem for Tink was a long, boring excuse for using foil, glitter, and other shiny things on the pages. Jo was the first one to vote it gone. Since she's a huge fan of all things associated with the Disney Fairies I think this pretty much says it all. The regular Disney Fairies novels are really good - but this was a waste of paper - and gitter.
Read-a-thon status so far: 9 books


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