Happy Solstice!

>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy solstice, everyone. We've begun celebrating the solstice as our winter holiday, so today was gift-giving day here at Gratz Industries! We were all very pleased with our loot--particularly me, because Wendi and I share almost all the same tastes, and so all her presents are things I can enjoy too. And now Jo's getting old enough that half of her presents are things I want to play with too! As a joke this year, I labeled half her gifts with, "To Jo - unless Daddy wants it," and told her I had first right of refusal on all those gifts. She thought that was pretty funny. Until I took her new Lego PC game and Justice League Unlimited Season One DVD collection away from her. There are advantages to outweighing her five to one.

Here's a rundown of all the loot I legitimately received:

I'm Lego Batman! Or at least I will be virtually.

But I'm always the Big Cheese, as this Jane Jenni melamine plate will now forever attest.

When Wendi can pry me away from playing Batman Lego, we'll watch my new complete collection of Jeeves & Wooster! What ho, Jeeves!

Once I'm in a Wodehouse mood, I'll turn to this collection of Psmith stories...

And then I can read this book about Raymond Chandler's personal life...

Or study up on Japanese ghosts and monsters in my new Yokai Attack! survival guide.

And I am way more excited than I really should be at getting my first Leatherman! The picture here is misleading--this is a Leatherman Micra, and so it's tinier than this. It's about 2.5 inches long, and will replace the longer, heavier pocket knife I've taken to carrying. I am, after all, a mountain man now! I just have to remember not to take this with me to the airport...

And that's it! Wendi and Jo did me right. Now I'm off to become the Brick Knight...


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