Happy Solstice - part 2

>> Monday, December 22, 2008

What a fabulous day yesterday! After we opened gifts Alan and Jo played Lego Batman all day (yes - ALL DAY) while I baked bread, baked cookies, baked a cake, and baked lasagna. When I wasn't baking I was sitting in front of the fire doing some embroidery while I listened to Stacey Kent on my new iPod shuffle.
It's so tiny! And pink! I love it. I immediately loaded up the two new CDs Alan got me.I could listen to her all day - but until now we've only had Breakfast on the Morning Tram.

I also spent some time reading this new bookand daydreaming about where to hang this new print.Isn't it awesome? It's available from 826 Valencia.

And last - but not least - is this beautiful tray Jo made me in school with Lisa Clague. She says it's for food but I think I'll want to use it in my sewing room so I see it every day.After Jo went to bed we watched some of Alan's new Jeeves and Wooster DVDs. Pretty much a perfect day - except for the gusting winds that occasionally swept down the chimney to blow ash in our faces and on my embroidery. But other than that - a perfect day. :-)

Happy holidays everyone!


Karin January 11, 2009 at 11:17 PM  

Hi Wendi -- was going some "catch-up" reading and had to laugh when I read about your Man and Girl playing Lego Batman. Ditto in this house! I'm amazed at how fast my 5-year-old picked up on it. And hearing the dialogue between them is hilarious.

And I hadn't heard of Stacey Kent before so googled a bit and wow, she's fantastic! Glad you mentioned her!

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