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>> Friday, April 18, 2008

In three quick days, the entire house was wired in by the great guys at KC Electrical. They only roughed in the electrics--we're going to go in and add all the sockets, switches, lights, and fans. That's the level of electric work we've done before on previous homes, so we're pretty comfortable with that. Especially since they were so nice to label everything!

The corner of the kitchen.

A box of wall outlet boxes.

The oven outlet, with lots of other wires running past.

The area that would become our breaker box, a work in progress -

And all spiffy!

And labeled even! This will be a first--actually knowing which breaker to flip when we need to.

Next up--insulation! We've got a guy in town who's giving us a great deal on some old asbestos insulation he's got lying around. Yeah, we know the stuff can kill you, but at these prices we'll take the risk!

(And yes, mom, I'm kidding about the asbestos.)


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