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>> Thursday, January 31, 2008

I know I haven't been posting much this week. I've been super-busy, feeling a bit like the Blockhead above, but it's almost all been projects for Lark Books so I can't show them until the book comes out. I will say it involves super-cute stuff for babies. . .

In the meantime, the lovely people at WhipUp (one of my favorite daily sites) put up a link to my post about Jo sewing. Whip Up is just finishing a month of posts about crafting with children (among other fabulous craft posts) and it's been wonderful - give them a look if they're not already on your list. Coming up in February - Alternative Crafting. I can't wait!

The WhipUp link led to a link at Love Shak Baby - a great site about family and kids that turned out to be just one of a whole passel of sites about home, garden, and family. Check them out! They're having a giveaway right now for a Mason & Matisse kid's chair that Jo would love and that would look great in our new house.

Speaking of the new house - no siding added because it's been freezing cold here. Brrrr. . . too cold for lifting heavy sheets of cement. . .

Anyway, many people visited Jo Sews and a few of them had questions so I've gone back and added some notes. Blogger doesn't make it easy to reply back to directly to commenters so I wasn't able to answer everyone personally - but thanks for all the lovely notes! It was great to hear that so many kids have been asking to learn to sew - and that so many moms are going to start teaching them!


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