Blockheads Are Here!

>> Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I said I thought I could realistically get this finished by Wednesday night and I just managed to squeak in under the wire. And it was a special challenge this time because - after seeing the lovely design of Heather Bailey's patterns - I decided I needed to improve the design of the pattern and instructions. So check out the fancy new cover page above! And see the little logo up in the top corner? That says Afternoon Delights - perfect for when you only have a couple of hours to fool around. Future patterns will be categorized as One-Night Stands, Weekend Flings, and Long-Term Commitments. Cute, eh? It's nice living with a writer. Now I need to go back and redesign the Triangle Toys pattern to improve the layout and look of it. A task for the next few nights . . .

So what are Blockheads? They're beanbags, handwarmers, sachets, dolls, pocket pals, and more. They're as much fun to make as they are to play with.

The pattern is available now in my Etsy shop as a PDF - so no shipping charges. You get complete instructions and full-sized patterns for 11 faces, 10 hairstyles, a pair of ears, and a tongue. You also get ideas for scented mix-ins and a page of suggestions for more variations to try - plus instructions for games to play with your Blockheads. Quite a deal for $5!

These guys make me happy.


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