Gratz Industries HQ: Rain (and Door) Delays

>> Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Not much new to report on the new headquarters. Last week the place was spiffed up, and these short walls were added to the second and third floors. The builders had left them until last to facilitate moving large boards up and down through the open spaces without having to scale (or spear) the walls.

They also added a rubber seal on the third floor patio--which also happens to be the second floor roof. At least a quarter of the roof, that is. I'm sure we would have thought of that ourselves. After the first major rain.

Can I say again how glad I am that Marvin and his crew are doing this phase of the work? Now, if we just had more money, we could pay them to do the REST of it. As it is, we're going to have to wait for the money to come in in chunks. (Think of them as . . . book-sized chunks, if you will.) In a way this will work fine though, as we wouldn't have time to finish the rest of the house right away even if we had the money. Then again, if we had the money, we could just pay someone to finish it . . . wait, I think this line of reasoning is becoming circular.

Now we're just waiting on the delivery of the doors--both regular and garage-sized--and for the recent rain to abate . . .


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