Home Alone 3: A New Kid in on the Cement Block

>> Monday, August 13, 2007

(Yes, this is the first one without Macaulay Culkin, which doesn't bode well. Or does, depending on your point of view. But hey - IMDb says Scarlett Johannson was in it, so that's something.)

Wendi and Jo are gone for the last time this summer, and I have a few days to tackle The Brooklyn Nine without distraction. Well, unless you count the house being built outside as a distraction. Ugh.

This is a rewrite on The Brooklyn Nine, the first major revision, and I have a good game plan based on editor Liz's comments. I'm very happy with how the first "inning" has worked out, and I'm well into the second. Here are today's totals - since yesterday I spent the day in Asheville at a baseball game:

Pages (re)written: 17!

Mellow Mushroom pizzas eaten: 1

Wii played: None! :-(

Books read: One (I had a two-hundred page head start)

Episodes of No Reservations watched: 2

Walls erected: 1


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