Gratz Industries HQ: In which we hit a wall

>> Monday, August 13, 2007

We have a wall!

Just one. But it was a lot of fun to see it go up. First the guys laid the 2x6s out in the rough shape of the wall.

Once they were nailed together, they added the plywood sheathing.

And after the sheathing, the wall got a protective plastic wrap. It's always good to have protection when you're about to get erect.

Which is what happens next. I had a grand plan to rush out the front door just as the guys were lifting the first wall into place. Great action shot, right? So I'd been working all day in my office, watching and waiting (and, um, writing) and just when they looked to be ready to lift it, I grabbed the camera, ran to the front door - being sure to hide, because I don't want to be the schmuck who works inside all day and then pops out to take pictures of the sweaty builders who've been doing the real work in the hot sun all day - and wait, where are they? Why aren't they lifting the wall into place? And why are they calling for me through the window where they see me sitting all day? Oh! They want me to come help! It seems the wall is pretty damn heavy, more than a three-person job. I happily put down the camera and run outside to help - missing my photo op but getting my hands dirty in the process. And MAN was that a heavy wall!

Once my work was through, I went back to sneaking pictures of them doing their jobs. Like here, a picture through my window of the guys laying out the second wall. This one has a door and three windows, which can be seen here.

Which was about when the workday ended. And I got to scamper out and take pictures.

The back wall, with its protective wrap. There will be windows on this wall - small ones, since it's the north-facing wall - but those will presumably be cut in later.

And that's where we stand after one day of framing. More to come tomorrow!


"e" August 14, 2007 at 8:24 AM  

Wow - it's going up fast Alan. Thanks for sharing - it's fun to watch!
Elizabeth O. Dulemba

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