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>> Saturday, January 20, 2007

While doing research today for the next story in The Brooklyn Nine, my forthcoming middle grade generational baseball novel, I stumbled on a couple of interesting bits of trivia. (Okay, I confess - I got reading about stuff I didn't even need for the story: an occupational hazard when researching baseball.)

So, here we go. Two trivia questions for you. I'll put the answers to both in this post, but I'll change the color of the text to white so you can't see it. To view the answers, just highlight the white-colored text, which will render it visible. It's magic!

Question One: The Los Angeles Dodgers claimed five consecutive Rookie of the Year winners from 1992 to 1996. Can you name them?

Question Two: In a similar run, the Los Angeles Dodgers had four consecutive Rookie of the Year winners from 1979 to 1982. Who were they?

Want some clues first?

Clue #1----> In the Nineties, the winners were a first baseman, a catcher, two outfielders, and a pitcher.

Clue #2----> In the early Eighties, the winners were three pitchers and one second baseman.

Clue #3----> Both groups featured a superstar pitcher from a foreign country.

Highlight here for the answer to question one----> Eric Karros (1992), Mike Piazza (1993), Raul Mondesi (1994), Hideo Nomo (1995), Todd Hollandsworth (1996)

Highlight here for the answer to question two----> Rick Sutcliffe (1979), Steve Howe (1980), Fernando Valenzuela (1981), Steve Sax (1982)

The Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers lead the major leagues by far in number of Rookie of the Year winners, with sixteen through 2006.


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