Ed Emberley on Solstice

>> Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Solstice everyone!

We've turned the corner toward spring, (or toward fall, for those of you south of the equator) and to celebrate, we opened the presents under our solstice tree this morning. There was much good loot all 'round, which I may chronicle later, but one of Jo's gifts had all our attentions for a time -- Ed Emberley's Picture Pie, which is just about as rockin' an art book as I've seen in a long time. Ed Emberley's other books are awesome too, and we have a few of them. (See Wendi's old Hip to be Square post about using an Emberley design on a skirt.) But this one is all about cut paper designs, and it rules.

Check out our creations:

Jo was a little more interested in the new furniture and people for her doll house, but she stayed with us long enough to make an "Alien Bird" (you can tell it's an alien because of the multitude of eyes) and an "Ice Cream Bird" (which has something to do with the way it looks like ice cream on a cone upside down).

Wendi chose a couple of designs straight from the book . . .

As did I . . .
And then I created a few designs of my own. I'm particularly proud of the pelican--which is not in the Ed Emberley book! I'm sure the little bird is an Emberley creation--I was just filling in the white space with scraps.
Too fun!


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