Hollywood Greg Bunch puts everyone to shame

>> Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The latest member of Team Banzai to check in has set the bar very high, my friends. Here is Hollywood Greg Bunch's account of finding Samurai in an upstate New York Barnes & Noble:

After searching far and wide, and I do mean far and wide, I finally found a location with your book. Having had no success in CA, I came to upstate NY on work and after not finding your book at either the B&N nor the Waldenbooks in Nanuet, NY, I finally succeeded. While switching hotels for the night, I stopped by the B&N in the Palisades Center mall on Saturday afternoon. There I found 4 copies of SS.

I faced two copies and accidentally made room on the "Summer Reading" table in the children's section for the remaining two copies. Then, this afternoon while switching hotels back, I stopped in to keep cool (it's 95 degrees here today) and found that the two copies I'd left on the summer reading table were gone; I feel that because there were only two copies left next to a stack of five "Eldest (Inheritance, Book 2)" that it seemed more "limited."

I then moved the two remaining faced copies to an accidental hole that appeared rather suddenly - and in alphabetical order I might add - on the "Recent Teen Releases" shelves. Hopefully they will move as quickly as the other two and give the poor book buyer something to ponder.

Sorry there aren't any photos, you'll just have to take my prideful word for it.

We do, Agent Hollywood - or would you rather be "Agent Lizardo?" This is, after all, Team Banzai.


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