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>> Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just thought I would let all three of you who read this blog know, I've signed up for Amazon Connect, which allows me to talk directly to readers. Basically, it's an Amazon-sponsored blog. The blog is supposed to show up on my book's page on Amazon, allowing readers (or potential readers) to hear a little bit from the horse's mouth. An interesting feature: once you purchase a book from Amazon, if that author has an Amazon blog, his or her blog will appear on your Amazon home page as part of your "plog," or "personal log." The more books you buy, the more authors show up together in your plog.

Some authors on a YA listserv I belong to (whose books are already out) say they got e-mails from readers the day their Amazon Connect blogs went public. It remains to be seen what kind of reaction mine will get, but hey - it's free, and it can't hurt.

I will always post more here than I do there, so count yourselves among the lucky few.

The VERY few. :-)

You can see my Amazon Connect profile and blog here.


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