Greetings from the road

>> Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello from Greenwood, Mississippi, along the banks of the Yazoo River!

I'm still on the road, though due to return home very soon. A proper update on my goodwill tour to bookstores in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and parts unknown is forthcoming. In the meantime, I have great news:

It's official - Barnes & Noble will be carrying Samurai Shortstop in their brick and mortar stores! This is such a big deal, as it will mean far greater exposure for my book.

It's strange; you'd think that every book from major publishers like Penguin or Random House would automatically be carried by the big chains, right? Wrong. The chains are very picky about what they put on the shelves, and have been known to reject a book simply because they don't like its cover. A number of factors - including, it would seem, sheer luck - have to come together for a debut, mid-list author like myself to hit the shelves at a place like Barnes & Noble.

No word yet on Borders, but this is a fantastic start. If I can find out who the Penguin B&N rep is, I'll send him/her a fruit basket!

Or better yet, a Mellow Mushroom gift card . . .


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