MST3K's Nicknames for Space Mutiny's Dave Ryder

>> Thursday, December 10, 2015

Herewith, a list of all the nicknames Mike and the Bots give the character Dave Ryder in the stink-a-rific cheesy movie SPACE MUTINY:

Beat Punchbeef
Big McLargehuge
Blast Hardcheese
Blast Thickneck
Bold Bigflank
Bolt Vanderhuge
Brick Hardmeat
Buck Plankchest
Buff Drinklots
Buff Hardback
Butch Deadlift
Crud BoneMeal
Crunch Buttsteak
Dirk Hardpec
Fist Rockbone
Flint Ironstag
Fridge Largemeat
Gristle McThornbody
Hack Blowfist
Lump Beefbroth
Punch Rockgroin
Punch Sideiron
Punt Speedchunk
Reef Blastbody
Roll Fizzlebeef
Rip Steakface
Slab Bulkhead
Slab Squatthrust
Slate Fistcrunch
Slate Slabrock
Smash Lampjaw
Smoke Manmuscle
Splint Chesthair
Stump Beefknob
Stump Chunkman
Thick McRunfast
Touch Rustrod
Trunk Slamchest
Whip Slagcheek
and Bob Johnson.



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