Help us decide what DragonCon Masquerade costumes to make this year!

>> Sunday, May 20, 2012

We're stuck.

We don't know which costumes to attempt for this year's DragonCon Masquerade, and time to build is running out.

The top three candidates are below. Each has its particular challenges and drawbacks, but each is equally worthy and awesome. Tell us what you think in the comments!

Candidate #1: Peanuts/Watchmen mash-up

This is the work of the awesome illustrator Evan Shaner, and though he's tired of seeing it, we never tire of it.


Costumes are complex, but the legs are easy. (Trust us on this one.)
Could bring the house down. (Particularly if you can see what Snoopy/Rorschach's hat is hiding there on Dr. Manhattan/Charlie Brown.)
Character costumes are basic shapes, and hide a lot of building rough spots.


Well, we need six people, and we're only three people. (Volunteers, anyone?)
That's six (!) costumes to make by September.
Jo has to wear a full-body suit.
Transportation issues.
Technical issue: we're not sure yet how we would see out of them.

Candidate #2: Incredible Hulk/Maurice Sendak mashup

This is an incredible Incredible Hulk comic book cover done by Kaare Andrews. We like this one so much we have it framed and hung on our wall. It's a fantastic Where the Wild Things Are/Hulk mash-up, with all the Hulks following Max/Bruce Banner. Very apropos this year, what with Avengers in theaters and Maurice Sendak's death, yes? We agree.


Jo doesn't have to have a full-body costume on. (She'd be Max/Banner.) That's mportant, as she wears out by 11 pm and has less patience than us overall.


Whew. Where do we start? Do we cover them in fur, or in fleece we dye or paint?
Will people get it without the background?
Do we make the Hulks look a little more Wild Things?
Transportation issues.
That's three full-body Hulk costumes to make by September. (We would make the third either the Red Hulk, Nerd Hulk, or another Green Hulk.)
We're only three people, and we'd need a fourth. (Volunteers, anyone?)

Candidate #3: Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 Century!

Duck Dodgers is a fan favorite at DragonCon, and here in the Gratz house. We would do Duck Dodgers, Space Cadet Porky, and Marvin the Martian. Pretty much don't have to do much more than come out on stage and get the audience to yell "Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a half century!" with us to be a hit.


Just the three of us!
And only three costumes to make!
Marvin's the easiest build, and Porky's not too hard.
Duck Dodgers will bring the house down!


Jo has to be in a full-body suit.
Dodgers will be a nightmare to build. The head is a full foam sculpt, and Alan is no Michaelangelo. Porky's face is a full-sculpt too.

What say you? Which is your favorite? Help us decide! Leave your vote/thoughts in the comments.

(And we're not kidding about volunteers. We'll build it, if you'll wear it. Let us know if you're interested.)


Anonymous,  May 20, 2012 at 4:34 PM  

Wow, this is tough. But I can't help thinking that if you do Snoopy/Rorschach, you won't actually have to have all SIX characters for people to know what you are doing. Rorschach is familiar enough to that audience, and Snoopy clearly identifiable, that people will figure it out, even if you are short on crew.

Alan Gratz May 20, 2012 at 5:25 PM  

Thanks, Rebecca!

I don't suppose you'd be interested in attending DragonCon this year, and joining us on stage as one of the characters? We'll make the costume! And if you drive here to Western NC, we'll take you the rest of the way to Atlanta! (Seriously!)

tanita davis May 21, 2012 at 5:48 AM  

Ohh, Duck Dodgers would be adorkable, simply because Jo in that little helmet would be SO, so cute, as would that perky skirt!!!

BUT. I also have some deep love for the Hulk/Wild Things mashup. I think the timeliness of that - would just really be amazing, and it would be potentially a fun build - a lot of furry bits to cover things. It might be really hot though.

I am SO not helping, am I?

I'm also sorry that I'm still in Scotland and can't come and play, it would be sixty-seven kinds of awesome.

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