DragonCon 2010 - Pics, Part Two

>> Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time for more DragonCon 2010 hall costume pics! Talking to people about their costumes and taking pictures in between panels and sessions is one of our favorite parts of the whole weekend. And we've got some weird ones for you today...

I...don't have any idea what these are, but they're pretty cool. I'm surprised we didn't see them in a costume contest!

I THINK these are based on commercial characters. The one on the left is, at least--it's from a line of figures and merchandise with a cute but vicious bear on them.

The ladies in this pic later performed a dance number from Glee during the masquerade. I'm can't tell you why half of KISS hopped in there in the pic though...

A very good Harley Quinn, the Joker's main squeeze. You have to have a LOT of confidence to pull of Harl's costume...

Two visions of Fiona, from Shrek!

Jedi and Dark Jedi living together--mass hysteria!

I loved the subtle little barcode on the back of this guy's head in front of me at a panel.

"Daft Steampunk," in the second, separate reference to Daft Punk that weekend.

A bit closer on one of them, if a little blurry. We were using our thinner travel camera this year, and we got more blurry shots than usual. Next year I may insist we haul around the big bad boy, to get better quality pics.

An excellent Boba Fett-ish bounty hunter. There are lots of Fett variants at the con, all of which feature Mandalorian armor like the infamous Boba Fett.

Wow. A REALLY blurry shot of a good attempt at Mr. Freeze from the Batman comics. One day I WILL go to DragonCon with a Mr. Freeze costume, this I swear. Every time we see a big glass dome of any kind in a store, I'm always sticking my head inside to see if it fits, much to Wendi's chagrin. (Usually these are domed display cases, like for dolls or clocks or topiary...)

Best representation of a comic book action sequence!

There's Waldo! In fact, it wasn't very hard to find Waldo at all this conference, as everywhere we went it felt like we were running into yet another person dressed as the wayward wanderer. It got to be a running joke with us, and made us wonder why we were suddenly seeing a resurgence in Waldonians. (There's always one, it seems, but this year there were a dozen!)

There were also a lot of people dressed up in clothes either identical to or reminiscent of the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. Like Waldo, there's always someone dressed up like the iconic Doctor, but this year there seemed to be a great many. We haven't seen the new season of Doctor Who yet...is there something about it that's making everybody rock the Doctor old school this time around?

A pretty menacing Hawkman. I wonder if he's found the Hawkgirl Batman was hanging out with in our last set of pics? We'd like to see that fight.

And we'll close today with some ladies of DC Comics--Batgirl, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. I'll say it again--it takes a lot of courage to put on the latex or the spandex, man or woman.

More DragonCon pics to come!


Mariah September 16, 2010 at 5:16 PM  

In response to the Glee kids, there was an episode when all the female characters dressed up as Lady Gaga and the males dressed as members of Kiss and performed separate acts. So there you go. :)

Alan Gratz September 16, 2010 at 5:24 PM  

Thanks! Someone explained it to me on Facebook as well. We love Glee, but we don't have cable and get no TV reception here in the boonies. Last year, we were able to watch it from the beginning on Hulu, but this year we were traveling when they first started showing episodes, so now we have to wait for the DVDs! Wah!

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