God Hates Jedi

>> Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San Diego Comic Con happened last weekend, and once again, I wasn't there. (Boo.) Tons of tons of fanboys and fangirls were though, as were a few idiot protesters there to tell all the revelers they were going to hell and that God hates them:

Word had gotten around that these jokers would be protesting though, and the Comic Con faithful responded in overwhelming numbers, forming a mob of their own to protest the protesters!

I love the total randomness of the signs and costumes, a real testament to the way the various fandoms all come together to revel in their respective geekeries at events like this and DragonCon, our annual geek-family pilgrimage.

Jesus, letting everyone know the real deal.

And yeah, seriously, how the #?*! do they work!?

Read more (and see more pics) at Comics Alliance. Rock on, geek nation.


tanita davis July 27, 2010 at 7:53 AM  

I loved that Response Mob.
I just don't get why anyone thinks God hates people who likes comics. I mean, can we then safely say that God hates all the people who gave me Old Testament comic books when I was a kid?

I certainly kind of hated the comic books. :gah: (Mainly because the artwork was generally awful.)

I just also get seriously cranked about any alleged minister of the gospel promoting hate. God -- or Odin and The Hypno-Toad, if you prefer, is going to have a little talk with that man.

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