Happy Easter!

>> Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Last year Alan did a great video about the egg hunt at Penland. I can't come close to that, but I did get some good pictures. It was a gorgeous, bright and sunny day - so welcome after our long, snowy winter. Perfect for a potluck meal before the ceremonies begin. And the ceremonies! First there's the Easter bonnet contest, for kids and grown-ups.
Jo had the idea to adapt my shiny happy bunny pattern to make it a hat. Actually - her idea was way more complicated and involved making a stuffed bunny that could be removed from the hat - so it would look like you were pulling him out of his hole in the ground. But she was ok with my modification.
Especially after I added a puffy tail to the back. There were lot of other great kids hats too. This was my favorite.
You can't go wrong with a pink flamingo.

The grown-ups get into the spirit of things too. I loved this one.
A towering pile of peeps. There's something about this that makes me think of those old Esther Williams swimming movies.
And this, of course, is pure awesomeness.

And then there are the eggs. . .
. . . beautiful handcrafted eggs donated by artists. . .
. . . in every medium imaginable. . .
. . . silly and serious.
This woven ceramic one was my favorite - just gorgeous.
I contributed this one. It's paper mache with a shiny happy bunny inside.
And these are what Jo and I took home. Jo found the panda egg and immediately fell in love. Mine is (I think) glass with an outer shell of plaster. It has a lovely feel to it.

Happy Easter everyone!


Alan Gratz April 4, 2010 at 6:16 PM  

Looks like it was fun. I was sorry to miss it this year. Did Jo win the bonnet contest?

And one of the pics is messed up--the one with the peeps. When you click on it to view it larger, it looks fine, but on the blog (for me at least) it looks as though it uploaded incorrectly.

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