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>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When we moved into our new house and assembled Jo's loft bed, we realized it was really too tall for her room. She could just barely sit up in it. "No problem!" we said. We'll just cut a foot or so off the bottom and it'll be perfect! That was over a year ago. Jo LOVES hanging out in her bed, but she's been getting taller and things were getting ridiculous.
We finally got to work a few weeks ago. First we had to clear everything away from the bed area - no small task. Then Alan did some fancy sideways cutting with the circular saw while kneeling on the floor. I very helpfully held up each corner of the bed while he cut.
We propped the cut legs on a pair of cinder blocks to keep everything level(-ish) while we worked. You didn't think we were going to disassemble the bed to do this, did you? Silly!
Amazingly, it all went really smoothly. And now that the bed was at the right height we could FINALLY curtain off the lower part into a "meditation room" - as promised many moons ago. By the end of the next day we had rigged up some curtains (those are shiny iridescent stars on an indigo background), some tiny purple lights threaded through the bed slats, and a couple of lamps for reading and crafting. The rest of the decor is all Jo.
She's strung beaded necklaces, added a little nightstand and a very special lamp that belonged to my grandmother, added a million stuffed animals, quilts, afghans and pillows - and moved right in. It reminds me so very much of her first meditation room. . .

Want to see that sign close up?


tanita davis March 31, 2010 at 4:42 PM  

Okay, DANG. I want a meditation room. Possibly Jo can come and help me with decorate it.

Why don't they make beds like that for adults?

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