Cultural enrichment at a Japanese hostel

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

 I leave for Japan this week (!!!!!!!!!) and of late I've been getting the last of our personal hostel/hotel/ryokan stays booked for the family trip we're going to take once my work at the American School in Japan is over. Check out some of the more, um, eclectic offerings at the Matsuyama Youth Hostel:

★ a course on "bending spoons" (for 2 persons or more. \300 for each)
★ a course on "ecology" (free)
★ consultation of "reforming color vision"(free)
-in Japanese only-
★ How about taking a photograph of your "aura"?
aura for your whole living body : \2500
aura for your fingers only : \1000
-in Japanese only, Reservation is required.-
★ Why not join "President Hirano" in our discussions on…
space and dimensions, the moon and the aliens,water and foods, fortune telling and other curious topics.
-in Japanese only- 

The hostel's motto: "You meet wonder life...maybe."

Good enough for me.


CL March 22, 2010 at 3:43 PM  

Your next book jacket could feature a photo of your aura! Have a great time...

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