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>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh my giddy aunt - it's COLD outside. Last time I checked it was 17 degrees with shrieking, howling winds. The weather says the gusts are 70 miles per hour! It's also snowing - but the wind makes it no fun to play in it. It's so cold I put a blanket over the opening to the chicken coop and turned on the incandescent light for them.
And then I ran back inside to stay warm and sew. I decided to make up a quickie little project that would be good for Valentine's Day - by which time it will hopefully have warmed up enough for Jo to go outside and play in the winter wonderland.

They're simple - little heart-shaped beanbags filled with rice and a little cinnamon and orange to make them smell nice. Toss them in the microwave for 30 seconds and then slip them in her pockets to keep her fingers warm. And (because if I didn't they'd be lost in a heartbeat) I sewed them to a ribbon long enough to run through the sleeves in her coat so they don't go missing - just like a classic mitten string. Easy peasy! And if you want a tutorial with step by step photos - you can download one here. Happy Valentine's Day!

Jo loves the flaming fabric for these.


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