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>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

I had a blissful week of being snowed in with power and water. It was so nice to roll out of bed, head to my office to work in my jammies, have some lunch and time on the Wii Fit, then some schoolwork with Jo and some sewing for me. The days just felt like they flowed and I got a ton accomplished. Including making these little soft bunnies - an idea I've had floating in my head for a while now. And the pattern came together on the first try - such a rare experience!
I wanted to make them all out of vintage or thrifted material. I've been moving that direction for a while now and for the new year I decided to make it official - no new fabric for my work except the doll skin fabric and the wool felt for the dolls' hair - and I'm experimenting with other options to replace that felt.
The first bunny is made from a sturdy twill from men's shorts. It's a nice rich olive color. The satiny ears are scraps of fabric I had left over from the lining of a dress I made for Jo.

The purple bunny is made from a favorite buttery soft linen shirt that I wore until the shoulders wore through. I almost cried - but the good parts of that super-soft fabric have found new life in a couple of bunnies and a doll dress - so I'm ok now. The satiny ears on this guy are made from fancy dinner napkins - see the white on white jaquard floral pattern? So luxe. . .

The last one (so far) is made from an Ikea duvet cover.

I love that fabulous pink on red pattern! He's got the same pink satin ears that the olive green bunny has.

They all have hand-embroidered faces and tails - so they're baby-safe too.

They're happy and huggable and they make me smile - so I'm calling this design a winner. And they're in my shop now! I'll be making plenty more in time for Easter - I can't wait. . .

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