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>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's been cold here lately - really cold. We keep blankets in the living room so we're cozy while we sit and watch TV. Boring polarfleece blankets that are crazy static-makers, with publisher logos embroidered on them - they were corporate gifts to me when I was a buyer for a group of bookstores.

Well no more boring blankets for us! The other day I switched them all out for pretty quilts I've made - beautiful quilts that I love, but that have been sitting neatly folded on a shelf for years. Why? Beats me.

I made this quilt several years ago for a book called Simple Contemporary Quilts. I love it, and now it sits on my chair, ready for me to snuggle, nap, dine, and sew under it.
This one is Alan's - extra long and made from scraps of his worn out boxers. It's all hand-quilted and I love it.

While I was at it I even added one to my desk chair. This one's a smaller lap-ish quilt, perfect for this use. It's one of my favorite patterns (I call it Wonky Squares) and it's all hand-quilted too. I'm sitting under it right now.

Whew! So much better! Does anyone else keep their favorite things hidden away?

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