The Handmade Olympics - Event #2

>> Saturday, January 23, 2010

I think event #2 of the Handmade Olympics will be my favorite - Favorite Handmade Goodie for Kids. From my own work I'm nominating my dolls - but I'm not sure if I nominate just one or the whole category. If it's just one I've got it narrowed down to Abigail Darcy. . .

I love Abigail Darcy's generally sunny look. I love her eyes and her smile and her pigtails. I love the vintage trim on her skirt (it came from Alan's Granny) and I love the bright orange ribbed fabric I used for her boots - an old set of curtains I found at Goodwill.

But I love Lucy Emma too - especially her green hair and the fact that I accidentally placed those buns a little higher on her head than I usually do - and love the way it turned out.

Decisions, decisions. The decision on what to nominate from another designer was super-easy. Herzensart Vikings! Every single one of them is amazing.

I love the foked beard on this guy. And that battleaxe? It's a RATTLE!

And how about the flask hanging from this guy's belt?

And this guy's raggedy, shaggy beard? Eeeeee! They're all fantastic! You can see the whole lot of them on Sandra Monat's website, where they generally sell as fast as she can make them.

Join in the fun! Go over to the The Rikrak Studio and nominate your favorite handmade items.


tanita davis January 23, 2010 at 11:23 AM  

Hands-down favorite is still those triangular baby toys - but the vikings are killing me!!

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