Handmade Olympics #5

>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I'm nominating for an especially cool category on the Handmade Olympics over at The Rikrak Studio - Favorite Nicies Forwarding Kindness through Handmaking. I'm nominating The Toy Society. Never heard of it? Well - it's pure awesomeness. People make handmade toys and then put them out in the world where they'll be found and brought home. Lots of makers make their drops at places where the softies are likely to be found by a child who really needs a lift - outside hospitals, or on playgrounds near military bases or low-income areas - you get the idea.

Look at some of the beauties that people drop off, like this bunny. .

and this puppy.

I just joined The Toy Society and I'll be making my first drop next week.


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