New Dolls - and a Free Scarf!

>> Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hey - I'm running a little promotion in my shop through December 10. Purchase any of my dolls and get a free scarf. Can't let these girls get chilly this winter!

They sure got chilly today. I needed to make replacements for a few dolls that sold and I also needed to photograph the new elves. It's been mostly beautiful weather all week, but of course I waited until today when it was cold, damp, and windy. Jo got a kick out of the wind blowing the dolls' skirts up. But I got some good photos in spite of the weather. Meet Abigail Darcy. . .

a gloriously sunny character livening up today's gloomy day. And Lucy Emma. . .

who has the coolest hair so far. I do love to make the hair in. . . unusual. . . colors. :-)

I also got this great one of Jo - buried in dolls.

I'll post some photos of the elves tomorrow. On my worktable now - pirates and ninjas! Gotta have something fun for the boys. . .


BookGirl November 23, 2009 at 6:30 PM  

Love the "girls," Wendi. And I agree: Lucy Emma has delicious hair! Happy Thanksgiving.


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